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Community Foundation of Sarasota Seeking Corporate Counsel

Date Submitted:  1/5/15

Target Hire Date:  1/15/15

Reports to: President & CEO

Supervises:  NA

Type of Position: Management/Succession Track  €  Individual Contributor 


This position is responsible for ensuring all fund agreements reflect donor intent that can be successfully implemented by CFSC staff.  This position also keeps up to date on all charitable giving legal matters to ensure CFSC is within the guidelines.   The position also is responsible for fostering excellent relationships with professional advisors and a portfolio of donors. 


1.     Maintain templates for standard fund agreements for all types of funds (donor advised, field of interest, scholarship, designated and organizational funds).

2.     Review all fund agreements that vary from standard templates.

3.     Review all amended fund agreements.

4.     Develop a process to selectively audit current fund agreements for compliance. 

5.     Train CFSC staff, as appropriate, on current charitable giving legal guidelines. 

6.     Manage portfolio of prospects, professional advisors and donors ensuring personalized 1-1 outreach.

7.     Attend community events for prospecting and donor relationship building.

8.     Update FIMS with prospect, professional advisor and donor profile information and contacts.

 Expected Outputs

1.     Templates for all fund type agreements.

2.     Process to ensure all non –standard fund agreements and amended fund agreements are reviewed.

3.     Prospect, professional advisor and donor tracking system.

4.     Updated FIMS profiles of donor contact and session invitations, attendance and follow up.

5.     Attend community events for prospecting and donor relationship building.

Position Qualifications: 

1.     JD degree

2.     5 – 7 years of estate planning experience.

3.     Excellent people and relationship building skills.

4.     Excellent organizational and time management skills.

5.     Self-starter.                                                                                  

 Technology Qualifications: 

1.     Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel

2.     FIMS

3.     Legal research systems

4.     Ability to self-support for basic computer and network problems.





Interested candidates should send their resume to Judy Vogel at