Membership Information


Committees have been created to implement the goals and objectives of the organization. These work groups provide opportunities for members to contribute ideas and expertise, while working together and learning from one another. Leadership skills are developed and members are encouraged to pursue board service within the SCBA or the community. Click Here for current listing of Committee Chairs and Liaisons.


Periodically reviews sufficiency of internal controls, reliability of financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and oversees audits by external auditors, when used.  

Attorney / Realtor
Provides timely and accurate information to SAR members by planning, organizing, and presenting educational seminars along with organizing, obtaining, and/or writing articles for the monthly SAR Magazine.   The Sarasota Realtor-Attorney Joint Committee ("RAJC") consists of six realtors appointed by the Sarasota Association of Realtors and six attorneys appointed by the Sarasota County Bar Association.  Members are appointed for two year terms.  Currently meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of every month at the Sarasota Association of Realtor's office.

Seeks nominees for SCBA Annual Awards; prepares summary of winners' accomplishments for presentation at the Installation Dinner. Reviews other award solicitations such as ABA and The Florida Bar for possible submission.

Reviews current bylaws and makes recommendations to Board for amendments and new bylaws.

Editor in Chief has overall responsibility for content, layout, and supervision of volunteer reporters.  Reporters will write articles as directed by Editor.

Seeks and recommends candidates for SCBA Board and officer positions. Three members at-large are appointed at the January Board of Directors Meeting.

Promotes standards of conduct for local attorneys and explores ways to improve attorney and judicial behavior in practice.

Implements and monitors SCBA Website; evaluates current SCBA office technology; explores how technology can better serve bar members.

Court Liaisons

Appellate Court
Enhances communication and practice among bar members and Second DCA judges and staff.

Clerk of Court
Clerk of Court Liaison promotes communication among bar members and all facets of circuit court clerk and court administration.

Criminal Justice
Enhances communication and practice among bar members, the criminal division of the circuit and county courts, and the Office of the State Attorney and Office of the Public Defender.

Federal Court
Enhances communication and practice among bar members in Federal Middle District and Federal Bar Association.