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Continuing Legal Education

Opportunities for continuing legal education are offered by SCBA Practice Sections and by The Florida Bar. Members of the SCBA can check out CLE CDs from the SCBA office at no cost in order to complete their continuing legal education requirements.

Most of the local practice sections schedule at least one continuing legal education program every year. The presentations are usually a half-day in length and are worth 3-4 credit hours with approval from The Florida Bar. Every effort is made to feature local bar members as speakers and to provide comprehensive handouts.


The Sarasota County Bar Association has audio CDs produced by The Florida Bar. Please contact the SCBA office to reserve a CD. CDs may be checked out for a period of seven (7) business days. If you have recently purchased CLE CDs from The Florida Bar and would like to donate them to the SCBA, please contact us.

   CLE CDs Available in the SCBA Office

(Updated October 5, 2015)

Hot Topics In Evidence - 2015
Course No. 1847C
Credit Hrs: 7.5 General/1.0 Ethics
Expires: 910/17/2016

Annual Ethics Update 2014

Course No. 1786C
Credit Hrs: 5.0 General/5.0 Ethics
Expires: 4/3/2016

Survey of Florida Law 2015
Course No. 2073C
Credit Hrs: 12.5 General/4.0 Ethics
Expires: 11/4/2016

Florida Law Update 2014
Course No. 1909C
Credit Hrs: 7.0 General/1.0 Ethics
Expires: 12/26/2015

Maintaining a Trustworthy Trust Account
Course No. 1902C
Credit Hrs: 1.5 General/1.5 Ethics
Expires: 11/4/2015

2014 Masters Seminar on Ethics
Course No. 1761C
Credit Hrs: 4.0 General/4.0 Ethics
Expires: 12/27/2015
Survey of Florida Law 2014
Course No: 1903C
Credit Hrs: 12.0 General/3.5 Ethics
Expires: 11/9/2015

(Course approvals for CLE are good only for 18 months from production date.  Can be used at any time for CME's)

22nd Annual DRC Conference for Mediators
August 14-16, 2014, Orlando, FL

Course No: 1405028N

Real World Mediation Ethics
2.1 Credits - Ethics

Brief Overview of The Appellate Process and Its Relationship to an Appellate Mediation
2.1 Credits - Appellate

Cross-Cultural Considerations in the Mediation Process
2.1 Credits - Cultural Diversity

Mediator Ethics Plenary
2.1 Credits - Ethics

Stimulating Productive Negotiation: Before During and Sometimes After the Meditation Conference
2.1 Credits - General

Out-of-the-Box and Out-of-the-Courtroom: Private Law, A New Model for Divorce Resolution
2.1 Credits - Family

Practicing Family Mediation in Florida
2.1 Credits - Family

Lawyers', Parties' & Mediators' Roles Within the Standards of Self-Determination
2.1 Credits - General

County MediationTopics
2.1 Credits - General

10 Tips To A Successful Mediation
2.1 Credits - General

Keynote: The Use, Overuse & Misuse of Caucus in Mediation
2.1 Credits - General

Never As Good As the First Time: How to Make Each Mediation Fresh
2.1 Credits - General

Building a Successful Mediation Practice; A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
2.1 Credits - General

Asking Questions in Mediation? Tell Me More!
2.1 Credits - General

Lost in the Translation
2.1 Credits - Cultural Diversity

21st Annual DRC Conference for ADR
August 9-10, 2013, Orlando, FL
Course No: 1304363N

Pre-Screening for Domestic Violence: How To Do It and Why Its Important
2.1 Credits - Domestic Violence/General

Bypassing Impasse: Practical Strategies
2.1 Credits - General

Navigating Once Familiar Waters When the Charts Have Changed: People Skills and Ethical Considerations In A Changing ADR World
2.1 Credits - Ethics/General

Opening Keynote, How Apology and Forgiveness Affects Decision Making in Mediation
2.1 Credits - General

Are You an Ethical Negotiator in Mediation?
2.1 Credits - Ethics/General

The World is Your Turnip? Gender Differences in Negotiation and Ethical Considerations for Mediators
2.1 Credits - Cultural Diversity/General

Domestic Violence: It's Not Just A Family Thing
2.1 Credits - Domestic Violence/General

10 Ways A Mediation Can Go Wrong-Mistakes and Missteps From the Trenches
2.1 Credits - General