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80Bowman, Jr.DavidG.Bowman, George, Scheb, Kimbrough, Koach & Chapman, P.A.366-5510951-0839
1363Bowman, Sr.DavidG. 371-0976 
82BoyerAndrewRayBoyer Boyer, P.A.365-2304364-9896
83BoyerEdwinM.Boyer Boyer, P.A.365-2304364-9896
84BoyetteDavidL.Adams and Reese, LLP316-7615316-7915
85BoyleElizabethM. 363-1753966-8704
1149BoyleKevinF.International Union of Police Associations487-2560487-2570
1349BraggAdam Tannenbaum Law Group, P.L.316-0111316-0515
1035BrandonChristopherG.Williams Parker Harrison Dietz & Getzen893-4006366-5109
88BrannanStephenG.Stephen G. Brannan, Esq., P.A.792-1695925-3797
90BraswellGwendolynPowellAppellate Advocacy Law Firm, P.A.955-5505866-1087
1385BreenMike Gurley Vitale365-4501365-2916
92BressanMichaelD.Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP366-6660366-3999
93BrittonAndrewJ.Andrew J. Britton, P.A.408-8008408-0722
94BrkichMilan Office of the County Attorney861-7224861-7267
95BrockwayG.MatthewIcard, Merrill, Cullis, Timm, Furen & Ginsburg, P.A.366-8100366-6384
1145BrodyHagen Office of the State Attorney861-4400 
1400BroomeJulianF.Julian F. Broome497-4357497-7757
1015BrottGaryN. 488-1901488-1901
96BrownMichaelG.Michael G. Brown & Associates, P.A.780-1300296-7500

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