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Becoming a Member of the SCBA

Membership Categories


Individuals who are members in good standing with The Florida Bar and who actively practice and maintain an office for the practice of law within the 12th Judicial Circuit of Florida or within Charlotte County, Florida.


Individuals who have retired in good standing from The Florida Bar, who are not otherwise involved in the active practice of law, and who have previously been a member of the Sarasota County Bar Association.


Individuals enrolled and currently attending law school, and law school graduates who are actively seeking admission to The Florida Bar and have received their Juris Doctorate within the previous two (2) years.  (Law student membership terminates after admission to The Florida Bar.)


$180.00* Those in practice or eligible to practice more than 3 years in any jurisdiction
$115.00* Those in practice or eligible to practice less than 3 years in any jurisdiction
$ 50.00* Retired
$ 25.00* Student


*Dues are subject to revision by Board of Directors.


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